David Gregory Spins: Chris Dodd 'Stepped Out of Politics' Because He Was 'Disappointed' With Washington

Interviewing former Democratic Senator Chris Dodd on Sunday for Meet the Press's Press Pass, host David Gregory described Dodd's exit from politics this way: " stepped out of politics, and ...

NYT Early to Party ID When GOP's in Trouble - Democrat Labels Often Never Arrive

The Times let its readers know in the headline and first sentence that politician Mark Kirk, caught exaggerating about his military service, was a Republican. Yet profiles on prominent Democrats ...

Rolling Stone Reporter Uses Insults as Journalism Tactic

Matt Taibbi explains he is encouraged by magazine editors to make mundane policy issues like financial regulation reform interesting with 'name-calling.'

Media Favor Regulation, Barely Notice Failures of Regulators

From the government's 'cozy' relationship with BP, to the SEC's failure to catch Madoff; networks attack businesses, but not regulators for mistakes.

CNBC's Rick Santelli Blasts Financial Reforms Excluding Fannie, Freddie

Network's CME Group reporter dismayed Dodd's bill doesn't include GSEs, suggests unwinding the two groups.

Stolberg Marks 'Poignant' Departure of Another Liberal Senator

Sheryl Gay Stolberg had previously lauded defeated Democratic Senate leader Tom Daschle as "a man of decency."

Networks Downplay $42 Million in 'Outrageous' Bonuses, 'Unlimited' Bailout of Fannie, Freddie

Journalists critical of pay at bailed out banks muster only 175 words to report compensation of Fannie execs.

Dodd Cleared of Wrongdoing - Times Suddenly Remembers He's a Democrat

How convenient for the liberal senator from Connecticut.

The Times Keeps Forgetting Troubled Sen. Dodd Is a Democrat

A tough story on liberal Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd is marred by an old problem: Nowhere in the story is Dodd directly indentified as a Democrat.

Disgraced Sen. Ensign Swiftly Identified as GOP, Disgraced Dems Not ID'd at All

The Times let us know by word four the Republican Party affiliation of Sen. John Ensign, who confessed to having an affair. By contrast, the paper has often failed to even mention the party ...
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