Chris Rock: ObamaCare Opponents Like Those in '60s with 'I Hate Martin Luther King' Hats

Commenting on the new health care law, on Wednesday's Late Show with David Letterman, comedian/actor Chris Rock cracked that ObamaCare opponents remind him of those against civil rights in the ...

Zernike Smear Victim Calls for Her Firing, Retraction From NY Times

Young conservative author Jason Mattera responds to reporter Kate Zernike's smear of his CPAC speech as an appeal to "racial stereotypes."

Surprise: Times Finds Racial Stereotyping at Conservative Convention

Don't mimic Chris Rock at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or Kate Zernike will suggest you're using racial stereotypes.

CBS Lashes Out at Pro-Gun Rights Ruling

A Sunday Morning reporter confronts the lawyer who won the Supreme Court case, and a commentator blasts the decision.
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