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Egypt: Churches Burned, Christians Attacked, Networks Barely Mention

ABC, NBC and CBS give week of anti-Christian violence just 5% of Egypt reporting.
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True Blood: God Is a Vampire

Erotic vampire blood-fest introduced vampire ‘bible’ with allusions to Christians as extremist vampire group.
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Another Border Run: New York Times Recycles Its 'Conservative Christians Break With GOP on Amnesty' Theme

Every couple of years the Times runs a story on "conservative" evangelicals who support looser immigration laws and amnesty. The latest comes from Trip Gabriel: "Some of the nation’s most ...
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CBS Surprisingly Highlights Persecution of Christians in 'Majority Muslim' Egypt

Sunday's CBS Evening News refreshingly spotlighted the continuing persecution of the Coptic Christians in Egypt, an ongoing story that the Big Three networks have largely ignored for months. ...
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Film About Murder Spree Titled ‘God Bless America’

Christians, American culture the villains in new black comedy.

'Conservative Christians': Another Biased Labeling Eruption at the Times

Conservative label overload: "Many religious conservatives question Mr. Romney's bona fides on what to them are non-negotiable issues, like opposing abortion and same-sex marriage. Pointing to the ...

NBC Relays Palestinian 'Propaganda' from Bethlehem During Christmas

On Saturday's NBC Nightly News, as he recounted Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem, correspondent Martin Fletcher relayed Palestinian complaints about Israel.

Terry Moran to Rick Perry: Is Your 'Controversial' Campaign 'Denigrating' Non-Christians?

Nightline co-anchor Terry Moran on Tuesday huffed that Rick Perry's "controversial" ad, combined with a presidential campaign that could be seen as "denigrat[ing]" "non-Christians" and "gay ...

'Conservative' Christian Labeling Overdose in Iowa

Conservative, you say? Susan Saulny reports from Des Moines: "Bob Vander Plaats, president of the Family Leader, a conservative advocacy group popular with evangelical Christians here, has been ...

Holy Week: Media Worship Earth Day, Attack Easter

Broadcast networks rave about eco-holiday; use resurrection of Christ as excuse for assault on Catholic Church.
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