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‘American Atlantis’: Rolling Stone Imagines End of Miami Due to Climate Change

Contributing editor uses outlandish predictions to say ‘Goodbye Miami’ from 24-foot storm surge.
Media Research Center

'Republicans to Cities: Drop Dead' Blares New York Times Headline

The Times led the Sunday Review with a huge article by Kevin Baker chiding the GOP for holding cities in contempt and forcing the District of Columbia "to accept school vouchers, lax gun laws and ...

Cities of Ruin: Profiles Five 'Bankrupt' Cities, Ignores Liberal Causes

Reporter Ray Sanchez notes 'lingering economic downturn' and excessive debt, fails to explore problems of unionized labor, illegal immigration and overspending.

Networks Report Zero Upside to Delta/Northwest Merger

Evening news shows ignore positives of industry consolidation for consumers and improvements in long-term stability of the industry.
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