Times Preens Over Publishing Stolen Cables, But Was Snooty Over Swiped Climate-Gate Email

Executive Editor Bill Keller on why the Times published confidential diplomatic cables obtained illegally by Wikileaks: "For The Times to ignore this material would be to deny its own readers the ...

ClimateGate 1 Year Later: Networks Barely Cover Scandal, But Defend and 'Exonerate' Accused Scientists

Climate controversy shook public's faith in global warming science, but not network news media's. Reporters downplayed allegations, defended the science and turned accused into victims.

HuffPo: 'Missed Opportunity' of BP Spill, Cap and Trade, are 'Point of No Return'

Jim Garrison laments the failure of the eco-left to legislate change on climate issues, surprisingly suggests private sector might be quickest route to change.

Media Use Crazy Weather to Hype Global Warming, Despite Admissions Weather Isn't Climate

From Associated Press to national newspapers, coverage of floods, fires, droughts, sinkholes make 'case' for global warming alarmism.

2010 Heats Up News Hype over Global Warming

Morning shows, USA Today focus on 'record' heat; offer dire predictions about droughts, floods and snowfall.

ClimateGate 'Whitewash' Helps 'Clear' Scientists, U.S., International Media Claim

Lefties complain about lack of media coverage of Muir Russell report, critics point out study was commissioned by university under review.

Times Enviro-Blogger Confident Climategate Is Discredited

Andrew Revkin tells his readers not to worry about a pro-global warming government scientist expressing the desire to "beat the [expletive] out of" a prominent climate skeptic, and puts blame on ...

NYT's Coverage of 'Sweeping Exoneration' of Climategate Scientist Actually Better Than Expected

Justin Gillis improves on his last article on the "exoneration" of a Climategate scientist, explaining how the latest slanted report nonetheless found global warming's infamous "hockey stick" ...

Academics Close Ranks Around 'Climategate,' NYT Goes Along

What reporter Justin Gillis thinks about Climategate: "An American scientist accused of manipulating research findings on climate science was cleared of that charge by his university on Thursday, ...

British Journalist and ClimateGate Vanguard: Global Warming Debate as 'Important' as Winning World Wars

U.K. Telegraph journalist credited for coining the term 'ClimateGate' maintains manmade warming debate a fight for 'liberty.'
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