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Still Obsessed: ABC Scolds Eastwood's 'Controversial' 'Chair Stunt'

Clint Eastwood appeared on Monday's Good Morning America to promote his new movie, but still had to deal with media fallout from his "controversial" "chair stunt" at the Republican National ...
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Once More, NYTimes Dubiously Defends Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' as 'Taken Out of Context'

There they go again. New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes said speakers at the Democratic convention "sought to counter a Republican convention theme, based on an Obama quote taken out of ...
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NYTimes Pins Clint Eastwood's 'Bizarre, Head-Scratching 12 Minutes' Directly on Mitt Romney on Saturday's Front Page

A twelve-minute introductory speech by movie legend Clint Eastwood is pinned on "Mitt Romney himself." Michael Barbaro and Michael Shear write for Saturday's New York Times front page: For all ...
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Nasty Networks Slam 'Bizarre,' 'Rambling' Eastwood Speech: Did It 'Derail' Romney?

The network morning shows on Friday slammed conservative actor Clint Eastwood's "bizarre," "rambling" endorsement of Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention. Good Morning America, ...
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Bailout Ballyhoo for Obama, Boos for Romney

In anticipation of Michigan's GOP primary the liberal media have been playing up Barack Obama as the savior of Detroit and turning Mitt Romney into its villain. Even though the auto bailout ...
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