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ABC’s Stephanopoulos Narrates Unofficial Infomercial for Bill Clinton’s Charity

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos cozied up to his former boss Bill Clinton for a 9 minute interview on Wednesday’s Good Morning America in which the ABC host did his best promote the former ...
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Entertainment Tonight Asks Clinton: ‘Will It Feel Cool To Be in the White House Again?’

Nancy O’Dell decides, ‘It's time for a woman in the White House.’
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Bill Clinton Praises Charlie Rose: 'You Interview Everybody the Same'

Sitting down with CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose at Monday's Clinton Global Initiative conference, former President Bill Clinton fawned over the longtime PBS interviewer: "The reason I like ...
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NBC Touts Christie at Clinton Global Initiative While Other GOPers Address 'Religious Conservatives'

During a fawning report on Hillary Clinton's "first time kicking off the Clinton Global Initiative" on Friday's NBC Today, White House correspondent Peter Alexander also cheered the "double ...
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NBC Celebrates 'Hillary Clinton 3.0' at Global Initiative, Showing 'No Signs of Wear'

In a report for Friday's NBC Today, White House correspondent Peter Alexander gushed over Hillary Clinton speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative: "Call it Hillary Clinton 3.0." A sound bite ...
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CNN Puffs Up Hillary's Speech, Hypes 2016 Prospects

On Thursday's The Lead, CNN's Erin McPike touted Hillary Clinton's speech at the Clinton Global Initiative and hyped her prospects for 2016. She ignored any controversies from Clinton's ...
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