Times Hypes Big Food When It Pushes Liberal 'Crisis' of 'Hunger' in America

The Times looks askance when big food conglomerates fight government regulations on fatty foods - but a fight to feed "hungry" children in America (over 17 million of them?) fosters no ...

NY Times Critical of Food Industry Opposition to Salt Regulation

Newspaper leads with salt's 'ill effects on the nation's health,' buries study about portion control.

CBS Finds 'Heavy Toll' on Salmonella-Free Peanut Industry

'Evening News' report points out that many peanut foods are still safe, other companies losing millions because of outbreak.

CBS Cites Corruption Expert, Without Saying He's a Democratic Candidate

'Evening News' 'Follow the Money' segment gives one-sided account of a federal fraud probe in the military's food-supply operations for the Iraq war.
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