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NYT Lovingly Profiles Radical Poet Amiri Baraka, Who Suggested Israel Had Prior Warning of 9-11

Times reporter James Barron leads left-wing poet Amiri Baraka into radical reminisces. The text box to Baraka's profile suggested his radical reading of the deadly 1967 Newark riots as a ...

Adam Cohen Rehashes Old Conspiracy Theory - Was Max Cleland Robbed?

Editorial writer Adam Cohen is still mad over Democratic Sen. Max Cleland's 2002 loss, and cites suspicions from "skeptics" about "malicious software that changed votes."

Still Ignoring Cynthia McKinney's Nutty Conspiracy Theories

Brenda Goodman follows up on her story on the Democratic primary loss by inflammatory Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, but lets her allies blame the Republicans and again ignores McKinney's ...
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