Cornelia Dean Chides Those Who Doubt Harm of Global Warming

Cornelia Dean chides the public for doubting the undeniably harmful effects of global warming: "...about a third of Americans think there is lively scientific debate on both topics; in ...

NYT Runs EPA Photos of Enviro-Criminals, Not FBI Ones

The suddenly tough-on-crime Times is comfortable running "wanted posters" from the politically correct EPA. Yet it ran an article approving of another paper's decision not to run FBI photos of two ...

An Abortionist Profile In the "Health" Section

The Times talks to an abortion doctor about what a "rewarding thing" it was to give pregnant women "back their lives" by killing their unborn children.

Bush Interfering with Government Climate Science, Says Unlabeled Left-Wing Group

Cornelia Dean uses a left-wing report to hit the administration: "Under its new Democratic chairman, Representative Henry A. Waxman of California, the House Committee on Oversight and Government ...
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