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Ultra-Lib Lizz Winstead ‘Will Not Cower’ to CMP’s ‘Thuggish Fetus Pornographers’

Cosmo features abortion advocate’s battle in the midst of ‘the culture war.’
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TMI from Cosmo: ‘Fifty Shades’ Actress Likes Whipping During Sex

Rita Ora tells Cosmo she likes being whipped.
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CBS Touts Cosmo 'Going Political,' Brings on Editor to Slam GOP

After Cosmopolitan magazine announced it would begin endorsing political candidates in the 2014 midterm election, Friday's CBS This Morning eagerly brought on the publication's left-wing ...
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Five Policy Positions to Drive Him Wild! Cosmo Will Endorse Candidates

Abortion a ‘Deal Breaker.’
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NBC's Mitchell and Cosmo Editor Bash House GOP for 'Picking a Fight' on Abortion

On her eponymous 1 p.m. ET show on MSNBC on Thursday, host Andrea Mitchell ranted against House Republicans daring to introduce pro-life legislation to limit abortions: "The House is expected ...
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