Jon Stewart Slams Fox Viewers as Most Misinformed, But He's the Ignorant One

In his June 19 appearance on Fox News Sunday, Comedy Central host Jon Stewart fiercely denounced Fox News as uniquely biased, and slammed the network's viewers as "the most consistently ...

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart Attacks MSNBC Again: 'Honestly, that is Double-A Ball'

In interview with Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace, 'The Daily Show' host doubles down on his critique of MSNBC for attempting to be a liberal version of FNC.

Amanpour: Tea Party an 'Extreme' Departure from Reagan's Conservatism; Campaign Spending Bad for Democracy

ABC's Christiane Amanpour on Sunday discovered "a long and venerable tradition of conservatism in this country" exemplified by Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley, but she only showed that ...

FNC's Gutfeld Mocks 'Daily Show' Rally: 'This is What Passes for Rebellion in Media'

'Red Eye' host says Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' not speaking truth to power, but poking fun at people who speak truth to power.

Jon Stewart Hoodwinked by Liberal Myth: 'You Can't Be Pro-Tax Cut and Anti-Deficit'

Comedy Central host mocks Republicans for being against allowing Bush tax cuts to expire and anti-deficit at the same time.

Brian Williams Loves the Lefty Humor of 'Indispensable' Jon Stewart: How Did We Live Without Him?

On Newsweek.com, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams absolutely gushed over the lefty comedy of the "indispensable" Jon Stewart. The post, which was promoted in the December 7, 2009 edition of ...

"The Daily Show" Questions the Relevance of the New York Times

Daily Show reporter Jason Jones presents a newspaper to a Times editor and asks, only half-kidding: Who would want to read "aged news" as opposed to "real news" (on the web)?

'Daily Show' Host Stewart Blasts CNBC as 'Disingenuous at Best and Criminal at Worst'

'Mad Money' host Jim Cramer apologizes for not doing a better job as comedy's 'snake oil salesman' takes him to task for his coverage.

CNN: Suburbs the New Ghetto with Neighbors 'Firing' Crack Pipes

'Your $$$$$' team mentions blogger feedback about being too 'grim,' but spreads fear about foreclosure effect on suburbs.
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