Washington Post's Milbank Admits Media's 'Antipathy' to Santorum

The media has an "antipathy" toward Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, asserted Dana Milbank of the Washington Post on CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday.

Wash Post's Milbank Trashes Fox News 'Victory Party,' Ignores MSNBC's DNC Echoes

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank attacked Fox News on Wednesday for having a Republican "victory party" on air on Election Night. Nowhere in it did he acknowledge his routine appearances on ...

Washington Post Page One: 'Professor Obama' Schools 'Undisciplined Pupils' of GOP

The Washington Post couldn't provide a solely objective analysis of the health "summit" in Friday's newspaper. Instead, they put liberal columnist Dana Milbank on page one to crow that Obama had ...

Nets Not Showing Embarrassing DNC Convention Events

No cameras have shown Trojan handing out condoms to Democratic delegates – or the prolife demonstration in Denver.

A Lady Under Fire

A Washington Post columnist claims a supporter of the ban on gays in the military exhibited rage in Congressional testimony -- but The Hill reveals that the rage was on the other side.

Shielding Obama with the Power of Ridicule

How do you protect your candidate from a dangerous revelation? Attack the messenger.

The GOP's "Whining," Petulant Hypocrite

"Waving his hands and stomping his feet, Representative Patrick T. McHenry of North Carolina acted out on Wednesday what the rest of the Republican caucus must have felt."
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