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Benghazi Report Critical of Hillary Buried in Graf 17 of NY Times Story; Wash Post Runs Full Account

A Times storyabout a car-bombing in Libya buried an important new development in the Benghazi scandal: A report from House Republicans accused then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of ...
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NYT Cairo Reporter Apologizes for Free Speech: U.S 'Feels Limited...From Silencing Even the Most Noxious Religious Bigot'

Times journalist David Kirkpatrick makes free expression sound like a bad idea: "In a context where insults to religion are crimes and the state has tightly controlled almost all media, many ...
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New York Times Gives Obama Front Page for Tough Talk on Egypt, Skips Yemen Attacks

The New York Times lets Obama play tough in a front-page story, but skips the attack on the U.S. embassy in Yemen, which the Washington Post fronts. From the Times: "The president was not happy; ...
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