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NYT's David Leonhardt, DC Bureau Chief, Spouts Conventional DC Wisdom on GOP Losing Tax Debate

New York Times' Washington bureau chief David Leonhardt thinks he may see "the end of the great era of American tax cutting?....I think that if you look at the trends of the last 30 years, taxes ...
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NYT Sunday Review Contributor Finds 'Political Racism' in Long-Voting Lines for Minority Voters

Professor Steven Hahn in the NYTimes Sunday Review finds Republican racism in long voting lines and just about eveywhere else: "Although our present-day tactics are state-issued IDs, ...
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New York Times Sees 'Good News for Obama' in Latest Mediocre Jobs Data

New York Times Washington bureau chief David Leonhardt: "After a lackluster debate, President Obama faced the prospect of a second piece of bad political news with Friday morning’s jobs ...
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