'Barney Frank, Moderate'

Discussing the retirement of the extremely liberal Mass. Democrat, former reporter David Firestone shows he has a sense of humor: "But economically, Mr. Frank is essentially a centrist."

Former Reporter: GOP Peddling 'Easy Fairy Tales;' Stimulus 'Saved Millions of Jobs'

Former reporter Firestone on the GOP field: "These candidates are peddling the worst kind of easy fairy tales to those voters who value simplistic prescriptions over hard choices. President Obama ...

Is David Firestone Playing Dim Bulb?

Does David Firestone not know the federal government does enforce light-bulb standards? "The three Republicans portrayed government as a grim juggernaut that kills jobs and dreams and even, in Ms. ...

Former Reporter Firestone Sees 'Extremist Politics' in Palin's 'Alaska'

Former Washington correspondent David Firestone is disturbed at how Sarah Palin supporters "flock to this portrait of a way of life that is radically different from the way most Americans now live ...
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