Ann Coulter Talks to the "Treason Times"

The Times' Dave Itzkoff interviewed Ann Coulter and may have gotten even more than he bargained for: "I'll have you know, I am the Treason Times most loyal reader. I was hoping your email was a ...

CNN Host, Bush-Bashing Comedian "Hard to Place" on Political Spectrum

Neither the Times nor CNN's president Jon Klein remember new variety-show host D.L. Hughley's anti-Bush rants.

Great Coverage for Comedian's "Great Schlep"

Taboo-breaking comedienne Sarah Silverman (pictured) stars in a pro-Obama get-out-the-vote effort targeted at elderly Florida Jews whuich has been featured in the Times twice within a week.

More Fawning Over Left-Wing Comedian-Activists

Left-wing Lizz Winstead (who?) gets her second glorious profile in the NYT.
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