Stout Plays Up John Murtha's Anti-War Turn in Obit, But Omits Smear of Marines as Killers

David Stout's obituary for old-line Democratic Rep. John Murtha omitted the congressman's smear of Marines in Iraq, who he accused of killing Iraqi civilians "in cold blood."

Update: Town Hall Protesters Not Just White & Irritable, They're Ignorant Too

David Stout adds a wrinkle to the Times' dismissive coverage of citizens protesting Obama's health-care overhaul.

Times Goes Easy on Rep. Stark's Despicable Comments on Bush, Iraq

Liberal Rep. Pete Stark unleashed more despicable comments, sliming U.S. troops as murderers and George W. Bush as a monster, but the Times soft-pedaled the offense while noting Stark "will ...

Spinning Kerry's Insult of U.S. Troops

"Part of Mr. Kerry's outrage may arise from memories of 2004, when a group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth raised allegations, never substantiated, that he had exaggerated his wartime exploits."
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