CBS's Smith: Tea Party and Palin Could Bring GOP to 'Edge of the Abyss'

Appearing on Friday's CBS Early Show, Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer continued to compare the rise of the tea party and possible candidacy of Sarah Palin in 2012 to the 1964 campaign of Barry ...

CBS Slams O'Donnell as 'Ultra-Conservative' and Sees Repeat of 1964, Touts Public Siding with Obama on Economy and Taxes

The night after a Tea Party candidate in Delaware stunned the GOP establishment, the CBS Evening News blamed voter "anger," tried to marginalize Christine O'Donnell as an "ultra-conservative," ...

CBS Feigns Concern for How Tea Party Candidates Are Detriment to Republicans

"Up next, why some Republicans are starting to wish the Tea Party was over," Katie Couric teased Friday night as CBS feigned concern over how Tea Party candidates are too "extreme" to win. CBS's ...

CBS Gives Tea Partiers Top Billing, But Sees 'Inconsistency' in the FNC-Watching, White Gun Owners

Reporting on a poll which looked at Tea Party activists, CBS's Dean Reynolds realized "they chafe at critics who characterize the movement as extremist or racist for its opposition to the ...

CBS 'Sunday Morning' Goes After Catholic Church on Easter Sunday

On CBS's Sunday Morning, host Charles Osgood marked Easter Sunday by proclaiming: "For many Roman Catholics, the joy of this Easter is mixed with sadness over continuing charges of child abuse and ...

CBS Touts 'Obama Premium' On Real Estate In First Family's Chicago Neighborhood

Monday's CBS Early Show took time to highlight the selling power of the Obama family as correspondent Dean Reynolds reported: "Bill Grimshaw thinks he has the perfect sales pitch for the house ...

A Different Standard: Gas Price Coverage Shifts since 2008 High

Reporting of consumer hardship, market-factor scrutiny and the effects Middle East turmoil on oil and gas prices has evolved since last summer.

Price of the Bailout: Media Holding BoA Culpable for Plant Closing

Bailout recipient Bank of America should keep lending to failing business, workers say.

CBS Favors Obama in Segment on Candidates' Energy Proposals

Report suggests GOP nominee McCain is 'in the pocket of big oil,' barely questions Democrat's plan.
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