NBC's 'Today' Allows Sharpton to Slam GOP 'Cheering' Death Penalty

Discussing the execution of convicted cop-killer Troy Davis on Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer asked left-wing activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton if he was "surprised" by most Americans ...

ABC's Osunsami Skips Key Facts on Georgia Execution, Plays Race Card

Good Morning America's Steve Osunsami on Thursday skipped or spun key facts while reporting on the execution of convicted cop killer Troy Davis in Georgia. The ABC reporter also played up the race ...

CBS's Nancy Giles Decries 'Bloodlust' of GOP Debate Audience

During a commentary on CBS Sunday Morning, left-wing CBS commentator Nancy Giles complained about the "bloodlust" of GOP audience members who applauded Texas's use of capital punishment at the ...

Despite 'Evolving' Views of Death Penalty, 'Fierce Ethos of Eye-for-an-Eye' Still Strong in Utah

Another entry in Kirk Johnson's obsession with the state of conservatism in Utah: "A place once righteously confident in its world view and harsh in its judgment of places that seemed to have gone ...

New York Times Bemoans Killer's Execution

In its zeal to oppose capital punishment, the Gray Lady suggests Texas should bow to 'international law.'

Liberal Justice John Paul Stevens' "Remarkable Journey" to Oppose Death Penalty

Retiring Supreme Court reporter bids a fond farewell of sorts to liberal Justice John Paul Stevens for renouncing the death penalty as unconstitutional - ignoring the clear meaning of the Fifth ...

Problem: Finding a Death Penalty to Sate "Blood-Thirsty" Public

Elizabeth Weil finds Americans simplistic and vengeful when it comes to the death penalty.

Publicizing a Play for Tookie

An obscure piece of anti-death penalty propaganda theatre in Berkeley somehow makes the Times' front section.
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