Unemployment Fight Shows Media Will Help Liberals Protect Their Jobs

Journalists criticize GOP for obstructing 'relief' bill, despite pay-as-you-go promises from Dems.

Media's Latest Stimulus Push: Spend Now, Tax Later

Krugman's 'third depression' declaration sets stage for more stimulus, paid for by proposals of a gas tax, value-added tax, national sales tax and rollback of Bush tax cuts.

On Independence Day, CBS Frets Congress Becoming 'Paralyzed' Over 'Fear of the Deficit'

West coast viewers got to see a July 4 CBS Evening News interim "report card" on Congress's performance so far. Under the headline of "unfinished business," correspondent Wyatt Andrews and his ...

Media Defend Obama's Call for More Spending, Despite G-20 'Rift'

Krugman, ABC and others warn of double-dip recession, 'third depression' if stimulus ends.

Santelli's Simple Answer to Deficit: 'Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending!'

CNBC CME Group floor reporter argues with senior economics reporter Steve Liesman that government can't tax the nation into prosperity.

Krugman Tries to Scare Up More Government Spending with 'Third Depression' Rhetoric

Liberal NY Times columnist and Nobel Prize winner calls European austerity measures 'victory of an orthodoxy that has little to do with rational analysis.'

Econ 101: The Problem with Greece

U.S. should control spending, learn from Greek's debt crisis before it's too late.

NYT's Main Economic Writer Reverses Himself on Obama's Tax-Cut Pledge for Earners Under $250K

David Leonhardt, who supported Obama's pledge to cut taxes for those making under $250,000 in the name of fighting "inequality," today admits your taxes will have to go up "however much you make."

Krugman on Deficit Fears: Worse Than Iraqi WMD Hype

Columnist Paul Krugman played media critic, asserting the media is panicking the public with an empty threat - deficits are like vanishing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Jackie Calmes, Who Praised Obama's Expensive Stimulus, Suddenly Selling Him as Deficit Hawk on Eve of SOTU

On the eve of President Obama's first State of the Union, Jackie Calmes' front-page story credulously focuses on Obama's sudden pivot to deficit hawk without once mentioning the probable cause of ...
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