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CNN Contributor Foolishly Argues Kentucky, Arkansas Have 'Never' Been Democratic 'Hotbeds'

CNN contributor Maria Cardona may have forgotten some history as she tried to spin away President Obama's troubles in the Arkansas and Kentucky Democratic primaries."Look, Arkansas and ...
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Bob Schieffer Scorns 'Race-Baiting' Rev. Wright Attack; Obama Not a 'European Socialist'

Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer spotlighted the left's talking points on two issues in the presidential race on Tuesday's CBS This Morning. Schieffer tried to play it down the middle when he ...
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CNN Puffs Up Tiny Liberal Protest 'Hounding' Romney's Visit to RNC Headquarters

A liberal protest that said contained "about 10 people" still merited inclusion in CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's report on Wednesday's The Situation Room. Of course, Acosta made no ...
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CNN Hosts Debbie Wasserman Schultz, But Host Soledad O'Brien Tosses Softballs

Hosting the chair of the DNC on Tuesday's Starting Point, CNN's Soledad O'Brien could have grilled her about any number of relevant issues like gas prices, the GSA scandal, or President Obama ...
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Soledad O'Brien's Guests 3-to-1 Democratic, In Favor of ObamaCare

Apparently, Soledad O'Brien's idea of a balanced discussion is three-to-one Democratic majority. Three out of the four guests she hosted on Wednesday's Starting Point to discuss the ObamaCare ...
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NBC Keeps Up Drumbeat of GOP 'War Against Women's Health'

Desperately trying to keep the issue alive for the general election, Tuesday's NBC Nightly News continued to decry the supposed Republican war on women, with anchor Brian Williams proclaiming: ...
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CBS Boosts Democrats' Poster Bashing Paul Ryan Plan as Horror Movie

Charlie Rose surprised Rep. Paul Ryan on Tuesday's CBS This Morning by promoting the latest smear from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Rose displayed their fake horror-movie ...
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CNN Plays Up Democratic Protests Over Congressional Hearing on Birth Control

Liberal women were in an uproar over the all-male panel at Thursday's congressional hearing on the HHS birth control mandate, and CNN made sure to tout their displeasure. Anchor Hala Gorani ...

CBS Tags Pro-Life Moderate GOPer 'Conservative,' No Label for Dem

The absurd media double standard in labeling Republicans as conservative while omitting the liberal label for Democrats was on display again Wednesday on the CBS Evening News.

NBC's Curry Surprisingly Tough on Plouffe: Are Dems 'Fanning the Flames' of 'Politics of Envy'?

In an uncharacteristically challenging interview with Obama advisor David Plouffe on Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry actually defended Mitt Romney's wealth and questioned why Democrats ...
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