Times Uses McChrystal Frenzy to Rehash Generic Anti-War Talking Points in Lead Story

"The firestorm was fueled by increasing doubts - even in the military - that Afghanistan can be won and by crumbling public support for the nine-year war as American casualties rise."

Apocalypse McCain? Victory Would Bring "All Four Horsemen"

Wisdom from Sunday Book Review cover story writer Robert Stone: "If McCain wins, history is here big time, scythe, sackcloth and all four horsemen."

Refreshing: "Iraq a Remarkably Safer Place" Now Than Before Surge

This is the New York Times, right?

Halberstam's Death an Excuse to Dwell on Ominous Iraq-Vietnam Parallels

Dexter Filkins' tribute to a Vietnam War reporter: "During four years of war in Iraq, American reporters on the ground in Baghdad have often found themselves coming under criticism remarkably ...
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