Former Majority Leader Dick Armey Credits CNBC's Santelli for Sparking Tea Party

FreedomWorks chairman explains the reporter's impassioned plea countered 'baffled liberals' and started the movement.

Matt Lauer on Today Show: Does Mosque Have To Move Just Because of 9/11?

NBC's Matt Lauer, invited on former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and Freedom Works' Matt Kibbe to discuss the Ground Zero mosque controversy and claimed that since the group behind the mosque ...

CBS's Face the Nation Worries 'Moderates' Excluded from GOP in 'Suicide Pact'

CBS devoted half of Sunday's Face the Nation to the pressing question of "divisions within the Republican Party: Is there room for moderates?" Fill-in host Harry Smith posed loaded questions, such ...

Dear WSJ: Armey's Right

Keynes' impatience led to economic confusion and poor discipline.

Notable Quotables - 01/07/2002

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