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CNN Slobbers Over 'Star' DNC Keynote Speaker

In a pathetic display of adulation for a Democratic "star," CNN aired a total puff piece about the keynote speaker for the upcoming Democratic National Convention, San Antonio Mayor Julian ...

NBC's Lauer Asks: 'How Big a Gift' for Obama Are GOP Attacks on Romney?

On Friday's NBC Today, after touting an ad from the Democratic National Committee attacking Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital by using sound bites from his Republican opponents, co-host Matt ...

Media Expand Left-Wing Attack on Chamber of Commerce over 'Foreign' Contributions

MSNBC, other news outlets accept unproven claims of progressive blog against U.S. business group as election nears.

Dems Still Making Hay Out of Unflattering NYT Profile of Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell

The DNC will release an ad to air in D.C. this weekend based on a profile of Mitch McConnell pitching the Senate minority leader as an Obama-care obstructionist.

Surprise: Democrats Find Yet Another NYT Story to Their Liking, Shop It Around

The Hill reports: "In a memo to a broad group of Democratic lawmakers, communications staff and party strategists obtained by The Hill, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Communications Director ...

Pro-Obama-Care "Grassroots Advocates" - Controlled by the DNC

Advice for reporter Katharine Seelye: If pro-Obama "grassroots advocates" are operating "under the aegis of the Democratic National Committee," they aren't really "grassroots advocates."

Media Cover Town Hall Outrage from Left, Calling it 'Orchestrated' and 'Not about Policy'

Broadcasters decry 'incitement to violence' from far right, say health care town halls are being shut down by 'fake grassroots.'

CNBC's Latest Official 'Contributor': Howard 'Scream' Dean

Former Democratic chairman becomes 'CNBC Contributor' on 'Squawk Box.'

Dean: DNC Uses Credit Card Data to Predict Votes

Democratic chair says analysts track personal spending to predict voting habits, claims Republicans pioneered tactic.
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