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NYT's Gail Collins Ignores Obama's Dog Dinners, Brings Up Romney's Crate-Gate, Wonders Why GOP Has 'Animal Issues'

New York Times columnist Gail Collins, back from vacation, and apparently oblivious to Obama's confession of dog eating, keeps harping on the ancient Crate-gate: "Did you ever notice how many of ...
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Obama Not Dogged By Diet Revelations, But New York Times Hits Romney in Print With 'Cookie-Gate'

Barack Obama's youthful foray into dog eating in Indonesia has yet to be mentioned in print in the Times, and was dismissed in one brief paragraph in a "Diner's Journal" blog entry. Yet the paper ...

Occupy Wall Street Crowd Blind to Benefits of Capitalism

Like in 'Life of Brian,' protesters assume medicine, material goods will exist without the economic system that makes them possible.

Dobbs to Obama: 'Quit Whining and Start Leading'

Former CNN host scoffs at president's new embrace of free enterprise, calling it a 'death-bed conversion.'
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