NBC's Gregory: Donald Trump Will Reach 'Those Extremists Who Don't Like the President'

Appearing on Sunday's Today show on NBC, Meet the Press host David Gregory seemed to lump people who think President Obama is "the worst President" or who "don't like the President" in with ...

Low Class ABC Giggles About Donald Trump's 'Big' 'Enormous,' 'Size'

A winking John Berman on Monday used only a little subtlety as he mocked Donald Trump for his "enormous" "size." The Good Morning America reporter turned financial comments by the businessman into ...

Chris Matthews Mocks Fox News as a 'Roach Motel,' Admits He's Gone Easy on Colleague Donald Trump

Hardball's Chris Matthews on Thursday slammed Fox News as a "roach motel" for possible presidential candidates, knocking the chances of that network's analysts, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. Yet, ...

Chris Matthews Links Murder and Violence in Afghanistan to GOP 'Zealots at Home'

Chris Matthews on Monday's Hardball linked the "zealots" in Afghanistan who encouraged and participated in the murders of United Nations workers to Republican "fanatics" and "zealots at home" who ...

MSNBC's Jansing: Donald Trump 'Not About the Little Guy,' Wants 'Tax Breaks for the Rich'

Interviewing Donald Trump on Thursday's Jansing & Co., MSNBC's Chris Jansing put on her Democratic strategist hat to press the real estate mogul with liberal talking points.

To Letterman's Irritation, Trump Denounces Ground Zero Mosque as 'Insensitive,' 'Somebody Knocked Down the World Trade Center'

Earning applause from the audience, Donald Trump gave David Letterman his take on placing a new mosque near Ground Zero: "I think it's insensitive and it shouldn't be built there." A befuddled ...

Obama Signs Business-Hurting, Tax Pledge-Breaking Health Care Bill into Law

In month leading to bill's passage, network evening shows failed to expose job-threatening tax increases or remind viewers of president's 'firm' promise to taxpayers.

'Access Hollywood' Falsely Suggests Prejean in Danger of Losing Crown

Segment hypes Prejean's late arrival for appointment with Donald Trump and suggests her outspokenness unfitting of Miss California.

Rush Limbaugh Will 'Lead the Way' Out of Highest Tax State

Spurred by new 'millionaire tax' Limbaugh tells FOX there will be an exodus from New York.

Suze Orman Claims White Collar Workers are in 'Bread Lines'

Personal finance expert tells Larry King to 'look at the people' in soup lines.
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