No Criticism for Hillary's $$$ Mortgage Bailout - But McCain Plan "Like Herbert Hoover"

The Times clearly favors Hillary's expensive mortgage bailout plan to McCain's more hands-off approach.

Veto-Proof Majority in Sight for Senate Dems, Says NYT

Yuk yuk yuk: "If voters start to take the comedian Al Franken seriously, the joke could be on Mr. Coleman in this potential swing state."

Liberal Hypocrisy and the Death Tax, Demonstrated by NYT Publisher Arthur Sulzberger

The NY Post reports that Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. sold his Upper West Side apartment to his wife for $3.25 million for what a Times spokeswoman described as "estate-planning purposes."

Friday's Front Page: How Dare Republicans Criticize Obama!

Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney finds it unseemly that Republicans may actually criticize opponent Barack Obama in the general election.

No Liberals Among the Dems, But Plenty of Conservatives on GOP Side

A stark double standard on pinning ideological labels on the parties.

A Double Standard on Political Slurs?

An incident where Hillary Clinton was called a "bitch" in front of John McCain has gotten far more attention than when someone laid into "Bush the bastard" at a Hillary event.

A Tale of Two Withdrawals: Respecting Edwards, But Giuliani "Living an Illusion"

Compare these lead sentences: "John Edwards, the progressive Democratic candidate who made a populist, anti-poverty message the centerpiece of his campaign, has decided to drop out of the ...

Mocking Mitt, But Letting Sleeping Bill Lie

"Mitt Romney, whose 1950s manner and celebratory drink of choice call to mind a milkshake man more than a rap singer, gave a shout out Monday that left no doubt that he had spent little time ...

Slighting Romney's Win in Nevada While Pushing Hillary-Obama-McCain?

Did Mitt Romney's win in the Nevada Caucus get the attention it warranted?

GOP "Adrift" vs. "Energized" Dems

Adam Nagourney sees no hope for the GOP: "...this is a party that is adrift, deeply divided and uninspired when it comes to its presidential candidates and unsure of how to counter an energized ...
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