Duke Lacrosse Accuser Charged With Murder, Makes B14; NYT Trumpeted Her Rape Hoax in 5,000-word Lead

Crystal Mangum, a name the Times would just as soon forget. The paper buried on B14 the news of murder charges filed against Mangum, the stripper who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of ...

Bizarre: Columnist Vecsey Fears NBA Players Could Be Victims of AZ's Illegal Immigrant Law

Paranoid sports columnist George Vecsey suggests that Major League Baseball players boycott Arizona: "Speaking as somebody with relatives of various hues and backgrounds, I wouldn't want them ...

More Slimy Double Standards From Sportswriter Harvey Araton

For Araton, it's necessary for athletes and athletic commentators to speak out on public issues - unless it's for a cause that's not politically correct, like supporting teammates falsely accused ...

Columnist Who Slimed Duke Lacrosse Team Defends Fellow Slimer

Hypocrisy among Harvey Araton (pictured) and Selena Roberts, Times' sports columnists past and present, when it comes to going after Duke University lacrosse players falsely accused of rape.

Selena Roberts' "Snitch" Glitch: Snitching Vital in Duke Case, but "Betrayal" Against Vick?

According to Roberts, "snitching" is good when done to foster rape charges against college lacrosse players, but a "betrayal" when done to strengthen animal cruelty charges against pro football ...

Times Targeted at National Press Club for Politically Correct Coverage of Duke Case

Influential columnist Stuart Taylor targets the New York Times treatment of the Duke "rape" hoax.

Innocent Duke Lacrosse Players Slimed Once Again

Pete Thamel: "Thompson was quick to point out the complexities in the Duke case, which he predicted could be glossed over if the team were to make a run to the national championship. The Duke ...

"Foul" Racial Bias in the NBA?

The Times' crusade for social justice knows no out-of-bounds: "An academic study of the National Basketball Association...suggests that a racial bias found in other parts of American society has ...

Times Ignores Errors in Duke "Rape"-Hoax Coverage

The Times has yet to correct its false timeline of the incident, even while quoting the North Carolina Attorney General's report that shows it's wrong.

Prominent Critics Rip Into Awful Coverage of the Duke "Rape" Hoax

Former Times Public Editor Daniel Okrent called the Times' coverage "heartbreaking."
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