Michael Moore Belongs on Same Shelf With Thomas Paine

Book critic Dwight Garner: "Mr. Moore's coming of age as a working-class malcontent is, however, something to behold....It persuades you to take Mr. Moore seriously, and it belongs on a shelf with ...

Let's Pick Another Metaphor, Shall We?

"[Bruce Cumings] mows down a host of myths about the war in his short new book, which is a distillation of his own scholarship and that of many other historians. But he begins by mowing down David ...

Times Praises Book that Sneers of 'Know Nothings...Demagogues of the Republican Right'

Times critic Dwight Garner praises left-wing author Tony Judt: "Mr. Judt surveys the political and intellectual landscape in Britain and the United States since the 1980s, the Reagan-Thatcher era, ...

Will the World End in Fire, Or in Ice? Don't Ask Us

Does biologist Bill Streever, author of "Cold," a survey of the coldest places on earth, fear global warming? One critic says heck yes, the other says of course not.

The End of (Cold) Days?

Apocalypse pretty soon thanks to global warming, predicts book critic Dwight Garner: "The end of our species seems far more likely to arrive by fire than by ice."

Celebrating a Left-Wing Writer's "Crackling Expose"

"Jeremy Scahill's muckraking book 'Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army,'...[is] a crackling expose of the secretive military contractor Blackwater USA, which Scahill ...
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