Nick Kristof Doesn't See Any Harm in Bowdlerizing Huck Finn

Behold the great free-speech liberal on his Twitter feed: "If censoring Huck Finn will help get a great book back on h.s. reading lists, isn't that worth it?" Meanwhile, the paper's editorial page ...

Editorial Page Editor Admits Most Times Readers Are Liberals

Andrew Rosenthal admits: "I'll be honest: Because of the nature of our readers, letter writers who defend Republican, conservative or right-wing positions on many topics have a higher shot at ...

A Candidate's Lonely Iraq Crusade Finally Vindicated...Obama's?

Bizarre: "Senator John McCain's rival, Senator Barack Obama, once was a lonely voice demanding the withdrawal of all combat forces by mid-2010. But now, Iraq's leaders are pushing a timetable that ...

Editorial Page Slimes Private Guards in Iraq as "Mercenaries"

The editorial page rubs our faces with the inflammatory phrase "mercenaries." But who protects New York Times reporters in Iraq?

Andrew Rosenthal: Bush Has "Done Serious Damage to Civil Liberties"

The Times' editorial page editor (pictured here) also says David Brooks is a "conservative," but has no idea where Maureen Dowd stands.
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