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CNN: ObamaCare Sign-ups 'Good'; Blames Insurance Industry for Lack of Young Adults

On Tuesday's New Day, CNN's Chris Cuomo and Elizabeth Cohen applauded the 2.2 million reported enrollments in ObamaCare as "good," but also lamented that only 25 percent of the sign-ups are young ...
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New Study Forces Media To Change Tune on Organic Food

Report claims organic food isn’t nutritionally better than food without ‘organic’ label.
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Mediscare! CNN Hypes Cartoon Characters' Plight Under Romney-Ryan's Medicare, Medicaid Plans

In an elementary and partisan stunt, CNN used cartoon characters to hype that seniors might lose ObamaCare benefits if the Romney-Ryan ticket wins in November. On Tuesday, medical correspondent ...
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Is This a Commercial? CNN Uses Characters to Tug Hearts on ObamaCare Being Overturned

President Obama created a fictional woman "Julia" to help argue how his policies would support a person's well-being over her lifetime. And CNN pulled the same propaganda tactic on ...
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CNN Hypes Family's 'Fear' of SCOTUS Striking Down ObamaCare

For the second day in a row, CNN appealed to emotion and aired the story of an innocent chid that made the case for ObamaCare. On Tuesday morning they featured a heartrending account of an ...
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CNN Educates Viewers on Benefits of ObamaCare

According to CNN host Carol Costello, the White House failed to sell a health care bill that could have been embraced by the American people, many of whom "simply don't understand" the bill. ...
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