After Repeatedly Hyping John Edwards' Marriage, ABC Now Highlights Sordid Details of Affair

Good Morning America's Brian Ross on Friday highlighted the sordid details of John Edwards' affair during the 2008 presidential election campaign. Yet, GMA was the same program that repeatedly ...

ABC Fawns Over Elizabeth Edwards as an 'Adored,' 'Passionate' 'Heroine,' Downplays Negative Portrayal

On Friday's Good Morning America, Claire Shipman gushed over Elizabeth Edwards as a "smart, passionate, sometimes fierce woman with many different sides to her personality." She lauded the wife of ...

Unmentionable: Best-Selling Conservative Books and the Networks that Ignore Them

Research reveals a glaring imbalance in network coverage of liberal best-sellers and comparable conservative titles.

ABC's GMA Skips Probe Into Edwards Campaign Cash to Mistress

Despite running two segments in the last week on Elizabeth Edwards and how she has coped with the extramarital affair of former Senator John Edwards, ABC's Good Morning America has yet to feature ...

Glamour's Women of the Year Lean Left

Focusing solely on inspirational liberal women short changes conservative women looking for role models.

Adoring Elizabeth Edwards

No "trophy wife" cracks here: "A campaigner so skilled, some wonder who's running."
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