The Media Assault on American Values: Executive Summary

The conflict between the media, personal responsibility and respect for religion.

Snarky Celebrity 'News' Show Premieres Tonight

Yet another television show draws attention to the antics of the rich and irresponsible. Whatever happened to programming that builds character?

Back to School Teen Shoppers Clamor for Luxury Items Sported by Celebs

Entertainment media and advertisers are promoting the wrong values and the wrong role models.

It's All About Being on Television

NY Times article sums up obsession with celebrity.

The Celebrity Asylum

The best thing you can say about the current celebrity journalism glut is that it's teaching an object lesson in How Not To Live.

Repeat Offender: NBC's 'Law & Order: SVU' Slams Businessmen in February Sweeps Show

In 2006 study, crime drama was found to blame businessmen for nearly 50 percent of show's felonies.

Bad Company

For American Businessmen, Primetime is Crimetime

Cheers for 'American Idol'

Hollywood Responds to Terror

The Culture Makes a Killing

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