Environmentalists Using Religion, Oil Spill to Promote Green Agenda

Media see 'opportunity' to push cause, suggest embracing environmentalism as faith-based response to disaster.

The Untold Story of Astroturf: Corporate-Sponsored Environmentalism

Media often criticize Tea Party activism for being promoted from top down, while green movement openly backed by major corporations.

Times Celebrates James Cameron As Hero of Indigenous People on Front Page

The creator of "Avatar," which the Times calls "his epic tale of greed versus nature," is saving the indigenous people in Brazil, and threatens - um, promises, a sequel.

Zombies Ate My News Judgment: NYT Critic on 'Plausible Premise' of Lefty Horror Flick

Embracing left-wing environmental alarmism, New York Times movie critic John Anderson considers the new (purposely left-wing) zombie movie "The Crazies" to be "socially progressive cinema" made in ...

Zombies Ate My News Judgment: NYT Critic on 'Plausible Premise' of Lefty Horror Flick

Movie critic John Anderson embraces left-wing environmental alarmism, and considers the new zombie movie "The Crazies" "socially progressive cinema. Perhaps even to the public good."

Architecture Critic Ouroussoff Predicts a Manhattan Under Water

The paper's architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff again tries his hands at liberal policy, with the usual "apocalyptic" results.

Communist China's "Tenacity" (?) in Enforcing Environmental Edicts

Michael Wines on the bright side of Communist rule - no pesky "political machinery" to worry about: "In the past decade...authorities have moved against air pollution problems with a tenacity that ...

CMI Commentary: Environmentalism Defines Virtue Down

A new MasterCard commercial reflects our skewed values.

CBS Highlights 'Eco-Warrior' Kids Living 'Green Gospel'

Network celebrates green-indoctrinated nags as little 'future custodians.'

Neil Young's Electric Car Songs Make Some Regret That 'Rust Never Sleeps'

Erratic artist about to test fan loyalty with album about eco-cars.
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