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NY Times Puts Benghazi Hearings in Lead Slot, Finds Both Obama 'Intimidation' and 'Political Spectacle'

A lead Times story on the Benghazi congressional hearings admitted that they "offered an unbecoming view of political supervision and intimidation inside the Obama administration," but also ...
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New York Times Relegates Libya Email Bombshell to Page A5 Under Dull Headline

Buried at the bottom of page A5 in the Times: A report on leaked emails showing the White House had intelligence suggesting the Libya attacks were planned terrorism, not a spontaneous reaction ...
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NYTimes Forwards Fog-of-War Excuse for Obama's Botched Libya Response, Ignores His UN Speech

New York Times reporter Eric Schmitt forwards fog-of-war excuses for the Obama administration's botched response to the fatal attacks on Americans in Benghazi. "It would be several days, however, ...
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As Other Outlets Finally Take Libya Seriously, NYT Buries Hearings on A10 Under Dull Headline

As Congress holds hearings on the fatal attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, some media outlets break news or put the story on the front page. Then there's the New York Times, which devoted ...
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