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CBS Spins Obama's 'All-Time Low' Poll: 'Little He Can Do' With Gas Prices

Charlie Rose and Bob Schieffer were President Obama's Amen corner on the issue of gas prices on Tuesday's CBS This Morning. Rose shamelessly claimed, "The President has a point...There's little ...
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CBS's Rose: Have GOP Leaders 'Gone Far Enough in Condemning' Rush?

On Monday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose hinted that Republicans needed to go further in decrying Rush Limbaugh's slam of radical feminist and law student Sandra Fluke. Rose asked Senator John ...
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CBS's Rose Claims Focus on Social Issues 'Troubling' for GOP, But Paul Ryan Sees Media Obsession

On Tuesday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose lobbed a series of questions from the left at Republican Congressman Paul Ryan. Rose wondered if the recent trend towards social issues in the ...
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CBS Touts Comedy Central's Daily Show Likening Santorum, Conservatism to Crack

CBS This Morning on Friday boosted left-wing comedian John Oliver's smear on Rick Santorum, and conservatism in general, where he equated the GOP presidential candidate with a hardcore drug like ...
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ABC, NBC Skip Food Police Confiscating Preschooler's Dangerous Potato Chips

Although the networks have been all too eager to tout food police stories promoting healthy lunches, ABC and NBC on Tuesday ignored the case of a preschool girl having her controversial lunch, ...
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