Eckholm's Omissions: 'Fetal Pain' Not a Problem, Says Unlabeled Abortion Activists

Eric Eckholm's slanted story on fetal pain has some important omissions; two of his sources for medical research are either abortion advocates or abortion providers. Previously Eckholm had called ...

A Laudatory Look at Gay-Straight Student Clubs in Oppressive Utah

Playing catch-up, Eric Eckholm cheerleads for gay-straight alliances in Utah high schools - student clubs that are thriving despite narrow-minded conservative attempts to stifle them" with ...

Is Obama Not Spending Enough on the Poor?

Liberal reporter Eric Eckholm pushes another left-wing study exaggerating the fragility of the "fraying" safety net.

Another Overheated Budget Cut Story by Eric Eckholm

From Sunday's front page: "States Slashing Social Programs For Vulnerable."

Is Government to Blame for Rise in Black-on-Black Murder?

Government to blame for the rise in black-on-black murder rates? A news report by Eric Eckholm stresses the possibility: "A report blames cuts in community policing and social programs."

It's Still All Reagan's Fault

Eric Eckholm on two studies of the drug war: "More than two decades after President Ronald Reagan escalated the war on drugs, arrests for drug sales or, more often, drug possession are still rising."

Reporter Laments "Record Numbers Incarcerated," Ignores Drop in Crime Rate

Times reporter (and former Jimmy Carter appointee) looks back with regret at the "get tough" laws that doomed hundreds of thousands to recidivism.

Food Stamp Use Near Record Thanks to "Vanishing Jobs"

What vanishing jobs? The unemployment rate remains steady at a historically low 4.8%. But that doesn't stop the Times from talking about a "painful mix of layoffs and rising food and fuel prices."

The Failures of Welfare Reform, Courtesy of a Left-Wing Source

"...a growing group of poor families, known to scholars as the 'disconnected,' that are scraping by without either cash benefits or employment." Where?
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