Times Plays Catch-Up to Washington Post on Congressional Ethics Scoop

A big lead-story scoop from the Washington Post becomes a Page 22 piece in Friday's New York Times.

Obama's "Bipartisan" Supreme Court Choices? Maybe Not

The Times is trying to sell Elena Kagan and Janet Napolitano as moderate choices for the soon-to-be-vacant Supreme Court seat. But just how "bipartisan" are they?

Lichtblau Defends Obama Nominee Who Shares His Anti-Bush Views

Our hero: Eric Lichtblau rushes to liberal Obama nominee Harold Koh's defense against unfair conservative attacks. "The controversy began with a short article in The New York Post and soon ...

Ashcroft vs. Holder: A Tale of Two Vote Delays

Double standard? "Democrats...hardening their opposition" to John Ashcroft in 2001, but Senate Republicans are now "denying President Obama the chance to have a key member of his national security ...

Surprise: NYT Focuses on Eric Holder's Role in Marc Rich Pardon

Tuesday's front page has a cautionary tale on Obama's nominee for attorney general: "Mr. Holder's supporters portray him as having been a relatively uninvolved bystander caught in a Clinton-era ...

Bush Wins on Wiretaps - Times Plays It (Mostly) Straight

Reporter Eric Lichtblau, notorious killer of classified anti-terrorist programs, gives Bush his victory due, but also calls a key aspect of the program "divisive." But how divisive was it? The ...

Lichtblau's Incomplete Assault on Biased "Political Hiring" at Justice

An incomplete story infused with labeling bias: While the Federalist Society is "bedrock conservative," the Council on American-Islamic Relations merely "advocates civil liberties."

Times Watch in NY Post, Tackling "Bush's Law" by Reporter Eric Lichtblau

From Clay Waters' review of "Bush's Law": "Lichtblau is preoccupied with getting scooped. Check his response when it looked as if the Times wouldn't run the NSA story: 'Each tidbit that came ...

Reporter Snipes at "General Paranoia" of White House over Terror Threats

Eric Lichtblau talks about his book on the far-left public radio network Pacifica.

Reporter Lichtblau Accuses Bush Administration of Lying in New Book

From Justice Department correspondent Eric Lichtblau's new book: "The administration, it seemed clear to me, had lied to us" about an anti-terrorist surveillance program.
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