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'Extreme Wing' Pro-Lifers Wins in ND, but Civil Unions Means 'Jubilant' Moment for Gays in CO

Only some social issues are divisive in the Plains states at the New York Times. A sour tone permeateda front-page story on North Dakota's strict new abortion laws, which ban abortions based ...

'Conservative Christian' vs. 'Doctors and Women’s Rights Advocates' on Abortion in Arizona

Veteran New York Times reporter Erik Eckholm again dismisses concerns about fetal pain during abortion as unscientific, while slapping ideological labels on abortion opponents and tilting his ...
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New York Times Writers Rush to Obama's Defense Like It's Their Job

The Times is particularly sensitive to people (like Rep. Michele Bachmann did at CPAC) accusing Obama of "apologizing for America" overseas, and criticism in general: "Mrs. Bachmann was taking ...
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