Euro-Philic NYT Paints 'Isolated' Britain As 'Big Loser' in Battle Over EU Accord

Despite the wrecked economies of Europe, there's little euro-skepticism among Times reporters: "The big loser in Brussels was Britain...[British PM David] Cameron was perceived as having made a ...

Econ 101: The Problem with Greece

U.S. should control spending, learn from Greek's debt crisis before it's too late.

Europe's Decadent Education

Lithuania's parliament voted to protect grade-school children from the promotion of drugs, violence, and "sexual orientation" education. Western Europe's bureaucrats and "human rights" lobbyists ...

Dan Bilefsky Still Hates Pro-Market, Anti-EU Czech President

Times reporter Dan Bilefsky warns that the pro-free-market, pro-Israel, Czech Republic president Vaclav Klaus "clings to national sovereignty" and may commit the "ultimate act of sabotage" against ...

Free-Market Radical From Czech Republic "Embarrasses" EU Again

Once again, the Times chides a Czech Republic leader's infuriating embrace of free-market principles.

Warning: "Arrogant...Inflammatory" Free Market Radical Set to Embarrass the EU

Reporter Dan Bilefsky warns readers to beware the "arrogant" free-market advocate Vaclav Klaus: "Now the Czech Republic is about to assume the rotating presidency of the European Union and there ...

"Unconscionable...Ungrateful Irish" Reject EU Treaty

Roger Cohen indulges in a wee bit of stereotyping about Ireland's former status as a "beer-soaked backwater" and suggests the EU should use trickery to get the thing passed over Ireland's ...

Hollywood Export Undermines America

It's time for TV scriptwriters to give up the evil business stereotypes and cowboy up.
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