NBC's Andrea Mitchell Hits Democrat From the Left on Bush Tax Cuts

On the Wednesday edition of her self-titled MSNBC show, Andrea Mitchell actually hit a Democratic Senator from the left on tax cuts. Democratic Indiana Senator Evan Bayh appeared on Andrea ...

To Schieffer, Bayh Just a 'Democrat' While Lindsey Graham a 'Conservative Republican'

Setting up Sunday's Face the Nation, CBS's Bob Schieffer described guest Evan Bayh simply as "the Indiana Democrat" while tagging Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who is every bit, if not more, ...

"Broken" Government: When Liberals Lose

The media quickly adopted the conventional Democrat wisdom that government was "broken" because liberals couldn't pass ultraliberal bills. That wasn't their line during the last presidency.

Wishful Thinking on Obama-Care and Alan Simpson, Undeniable Conservative

Hopeful on health care? Reporter David Kirkpatrick on the Times' latest "Political Points" podcast: "And if they capture Osama bin Laden we might actually get a health-care bill this year."

Darn That 'Unyielding Partisanship' Making 'Centrist' Dem Evan Bayh Retire

Reporter Adam Nagourney nodded along to the Democratic-friendly idea that "centrist" Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh's retirement was about "unyielding partisanship" in Congress, not the grim prospects ...

CBS and ABC Claim Bayh's Reelection Would Have Been 'A Lock'

On Tuesday, both CBS Early Show co-host Maggie Rodriguez and ABC Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos lamented the announced retirement of Democratic Indiana Senator Evan Bayh and ...

Hardball Spins: Bayh Quitting Because There's No Room for 'Centrists'

Since the announcement of his resignation from the Senate the common label (from CNN to MSNBC) of Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh seems to be that of a "centrist." On Monday's Hardball both ...

CNN Insists Evan Bayh is 'No Liberal;' GOP 'Should Be Sad to See Him Go'

On Monday's Rick's List, CNN's Rick Sanchez and Jessica Yellin both tried to portray liberal Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh as a centrist. Yellin insisted, "Republicans should be sad to see Evan Bayh ...

Michael Luo's Anti-Romney Piece Crammed with "Conservative" Labels

The presidential race is tightening, yet the Times still portrays "conservatives" as full of angst over their VP choices.

Obama VP Candidate Evan Bayh's Dubious "Conservatism"

Carl Hulse pushes the Indiana senator's "moderate-to-conservative record," a description utterly nullified by Bayh's actual left-of-center voting history.
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