CMI Commentary: Hollywood vs. Emilio Estevez

During promotion of his new film "The Way," the actor admits, " Theres a lot of violence, casual sex things that make me uncomfortable watching and Im not interested in perpetuating that message."

The 'Innocence Snuff Film'

Schwimming upstream - 'Friends' actor bemoans sexualized culture

Media Ignored How Failed Gay Relationship, Violent Outbursts Impacted Wikileaks 'Hero'

'Emotionally fragile' soldier accused of releasing documents had been recently spurned by homosexual lover

Santelli Defends Tea Party Candidates against Elite Inside-the-Beltway Wisdom

CNBC's reporter and Tea Party 'father' explains to 'Meet the Press' panel why candidates like Christine O'Donnell are good for political discourse.

Ronald Reagan Would Be 'Unamused' by Tea Parties, Says Liberal Son

Lefty radio personality Ron Reagan accuses conservative tea partiers of having 'Hitler signs,' though most came from ultra-left group.

Fox's Stupid Adoption Tricks

Notable Quotables - 04/17/2000

Again, Faith Flogged in Prime Time

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