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Media Leave Liberal Soros’s Politics Aside in News of Manchester United Buy

Left-wing billionaire George Soros acquires minority share of popular English soccer team, but his politics goes unmentioned.
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Media Help Obama Make Business Success Bane of Romney’s Campaign

From cable to comedians, lefties charge candidate with dishonesty, contradiction; attack company for ‘vulture capitalism’ and more.

Times Glad 'Wide-Eyed Admiration' for Wall Street Is Over

In Friday's lead, Binyamin Appelbaum and David Herszenhorn welcome re-regulation by Congress over financial markets: "The government watched and did nothing as the bulk of financial activity moved ...

David Herszenhorn Mocks Mitch McConnell's Limited Government Rhetoric

Not much respect for limited government views from reporter David Herszenhorn, as he takes to mocking the Senate Republican leader: "Mr. McConnell's complaint? You guessed it! Government takeover."

Frank Rich Finds Anti-Bush Argument in Balloon Boy Saga

Think overdramatic liberal columnist Frank Rich couldn't make an anti-Bush, anti-war argument out of Balloon Boy? Don't underestimate him: "Next to the other hoaxes and fantasies that have been ...

'Nightly News' Perplexed by TARP-Recipients Lending to Foreign Countries

NBC correspondent Lisa Myers investigates banking titans that made overseas loans in wake of congressional hearing.

Consulting a 'Crook' and Ordinary People, CNN Beats Up the Street

'Fall of the Fat Cats' special scrutinizes personal spending and compensation of Wall Street.

CNBC's Gasparino: Obama's Tax Plan 'Throwing Gasoline on the Fire'

Network's on-air editor blasts Democratic presidential nominee on spending, tax policy.

ABC Warns of Credit Card 'Addiction'

Extreme borrower scenarios on 'Good Morning America' paint picture of credit card users struggling 'to make ends meet.'

Post Finance Columnist Fawns over Hillary Clinton

Michelle Singletary describes Clinton's proposal for taxpayer-funded help to debt-ridden Americans in glowing terms.
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