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ABC Journalists, Who Mocked the Loss of 18,000 Hostess Jobs, Now Worry About Unemployed

ABC News, which previously mocked the loss of 18,000 jobs at Hostess, now has concern for the unemployed, worrying about those who will lose benefits if a deal on the fiscal cliff cannot be found. ...
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More DC Conventional Wisdom on GOP Losing Battle of the 'Fiscal Cliff' From the NYTimes

Conservatives, you say? From Jonathan Weisman's front-page Times story: "Speaker Boehner took as much fire from conservatives as from Democrats after proposing a deficit-reduction plan that ...
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NBC: To Get Fiscal Cliff Deal That Hikes Taxes, Boehner Must 'Sell It to the Far Right'

On Wednesday's NBC Today, political director Chuck Todd proclaimed that despite fiscal cliff negotiations being "in such a bad state," one bit of "good news" was that House Republicans ...
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Front-Page NYT Praise for Obama's 'Cliff' Negotiator, 'Policy Nerd' Who 'Morphs Into a Warrior' Defending the Poor

Obama the spending cutter and pragmatist? Since when? Sheryl Gay Stolberg chimed: "Like Mr. Obama, [Jacob] Lew is a pragmatist; one person familiar with his thinking said he had previously ...
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Media Join Left-Wing Assault on Grover Norquist

Man the left called an ‘anti-tax jihadist’ garners media attention over GOP ‘mutiny,’ after earlier left-wing attacks on him.

ABC Plunges Off Credibility Cliff

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer continues to tout the Obama Administration’s spin that tax hikes on the wealthy are the only solution to the looming “fiscal cliff” catastrophe.
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NYT's David Leonhardt, DC Bureau Chief, Spouts Conventional DC Wisdom on GOP Losing Tax Debate

New York Times' Washington bureau chief David Leonhardt thinks he may see "the end of the great era of American tax cutting?....I think that if you look at the trends of the last 30 years, taxes ...
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ABC Hypes 'Upper Hand' Dems Have on Fiscal Cliff, Risk of Recession

ABC News continued to hype the Democratic position on the fiscal cliff, Sunday. World News Reporter David Kerley touted the White House as "confident with the stronger hand in talks with House ...
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Fiscal Cliff: ABC Talks Taxes 17 Times More Than Spending Cuts

 All three broadcast networks focus more on tax increases as solution to budget battle. 
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Pushing Conservatives Off the Fiscal Cliff

George Orwell Time: only in liberal news rooms is there such a a thing as a “tax revolt” to raise taxes. 
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