MSNBC's Ratigan: Palin A Hypocrite For Criticizing 'Family Guy' But Not Quitting FNC

On Tuesday, MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan suggested Sarah Palin was hypocrite for criticizing a Sunday episode of the Fox show "Family Guy," that tangentially mocked her son with Down Syndrome, but not ...

Dueling Chalkboards: MSNBC's Ratigan Mocks Beck After Global Warming Charge

'Dylan Ratigan Show' host finally calls out Al Gore for 'fear-mongering' but challenges Beck with his own red phone.

AccuWeather's Bastardi Warns New Federal Climate Service Effort to 'Shut Down' Debate

Meteorologist calls new bureaucracy under the Commerce Dept. an 'indirect way' to regulate what people are thinking.

MSNBC Host Lambastes FNC Exec for Daring 'Undermine' the MSM

NBC White House correspondent and MSNBC daytime host Chuck Todd called it "crazy" for Fox News Washington managing editor Bill Sammon to say "the mainstream media hates the tea party movement ...

Howell Raines: 'Conservative' Wins Elections Now Like 'Segregation' Did Before 1960

Former Executive Editor Howell Raines returns to the pages of the Times, but his op-ed on the origin of the civil rights movement is laced with nasty cracks at conservatives and Fox News: "Before ...

Fox News' Wallace on White House's Effort to Spin Brown Victory: 'I Have to Laugh'

'Fox News Sunday' host criticizes Obama administration for not owning up to failed economic and domestic policies.

New White House Comm. Director: Fox News 'Not A Traditional News Organization'

During a Monday video interview with the New York Times' The Caucus blog, the new White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer, joined his predecessor Anita Dunn in declaring that Fox News ...

Ted Turner Advises CNN Not to Follow Fox News Opinion Model

U.N. Foundation chairman and CNN founder tells CNBC he would like to see less 'Tiger,' more of 'what's going on.'

CBS 'Early Show' Hosts: Palin Could Be Conan O'Brien's Sidekick on Fox

While speculating that Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien may move to Fox in the wake of NBC shaking up its late night schedule, on Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez referred to ...

Bonnie Erbe Takes Another Swing at Palin: 'Glamour with No Need for Smarts'

U.S. News columnist trots out old, disproven insults to former governor, new FNC contributor.
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