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And the Emmy-Winner is … Liberal Politics!

With the November election looming, liberals are leaping at any chance to blast conservatives. And the Emmy Awards on Sept. 23 both rewarded liberal TV shows and offered Hollywood celebs a chance ...
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Palin on NBC: 'I Wouldn't Waste My Time' With 'Lies' in HBO's 'Game Change'

While serving as guest host on Tuesday's NBC Today, Sarah Palin literally gave HBO's hit piece on her, Game Change, a thumbs down, and declared: "I didn't see the movie. And I wouldn't waste ...
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'Game Change' Authors Can't Imagine Why Palin Would Be Unhappy with HBO Hit Piece

On this Sunday's Web-based "Press Pass" feature, Meet the Press host David Gregory spoke to "Game Change" co-authors John Heilemann and Mark Halperin about the recent Sarah Palin-bashing HBO ...
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NYT's Stelter Defends Hollywood, Dismisses Idea of H'Wood Palin-Hatred as 'Conspiracy Theory'

New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter dismisses conservative concerns that the new HBO movie "Game Change" is an anti-Palin hit piece as a "conspiracy theories," and makes lame excuses why ...
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