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New York Times News Headline: 'Ryan's Speech Contained a Litany of Falsehoods'

Yet another partisan media "fact check" of the main speeches at the Republican National Convention, inititally heralded in the New York Times under the ridiculously slanted headline: "Ryan's ...
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Obama's Stump Speech Myths

Obama's taking poetic license with history, both personal and political, on the campaign trail. Where are the media outlets to vet his speeches for fact-mangling?
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CNN's Velshi: Opponents of Auto Bailout 'Kind of Have Egg on Their Faces'

Despite the cost of the auto bailout to taxpayers, CNN hailed the subsequent resurfacing of GM as a "pretty amazing" feat and took a jab at the original opponents of the bailout, which ...

'Evening News' Calls Auto Strike 'Tactical Move' to Keep Up Appearances

CBS correspondent makes the point that the walk-out is more about union self-importance than financial desires.

NBC: 'Green' Vehicles the Key to Detroit's Rebirth

'Nightly News' makes the case an enviro-friendly business plan could be exactly what auto manufacturers need.
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