After Blaming Katrina on Bush, the Times Shifts Blame from Obama to Gov. Jindal of Louisiana

After nonstop blaming of President Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina, the BP oil spill is pitting a Democratic president against Republican governor Bobby Jindal - and conveniently awakened the ...

Times Needles Obama on His Own 'Finger-Pointing' Over BP Oil Spill

"President Obama on Friday angrily assailed the finger-pointing among the three companies involved in the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as a 'ridiculous spectacle,' even as his own ...

Joy Behar on Prayer: What's the 'Difference Between' Bush and Terrorists?

HLN host compares George W. Bush's prayer defense of Iraq with terrorists talking to Allah.

Cavuto: Since Obama Blames Bush for Economy, Does Bush Get Credit for Dow 10K?

Macro Portfolio Advisors VP Jim Lacamp says if Bush fault for the economic collapse, you have to give credit for rescue moves made in late 2008.

NBC: 'Quintessential Obama' Doctrine of Talking Leads to Hug

The leaders of nations who quarreled when George Bush was President now hug each other, thanks to President Barack Obama deigning to take time from his busy schedule to hold a meeting which ...

Newsweek Trashes American Idol as Too Much Like George Bush

When did it become wrong to think America is special?

Trump: Pelosi Should Have Impeached Bush

Real estate mogul says price fixing like OPEC would land people in jail; praises Palin for strength on economic issues.

Newsweek's Religion Reporter Again Features Former Bush-Supporting Pastor Now Backing Obama

Lisa Miller apparently is trying to defuse criticism of Obama over Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Cramer: 'Obama Got it Right,' Bush Wrong on U.S. Economy

CNBC 'Mad Money' host compares president to Hoover; admits he likes Clinton for addressing 'housing issue.'
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