FNC's Rivera Slams 'Hypocrite' Romney as 'Most Virulent Anti-Illegal Immigration Person'

As he appeared on Friday's The O'Reilly Factor, FNC's Geraldo Rivera called Mitt Romney a "hypocrite" for not mentioning his family connections to Mexico while campaigning against illegal immigration.

Befuddled Bill Press Wants to Go Back to the Clinton Era 'Tax Cuts' That Were Actually Tax Increases

Bill Press appeared on Fox News' Geraldo At Large, on Sunday night, as part of a discussion about whether the Bush era tax cuts would be extended and the former CNN host couldn't get his story ...

FNC's Craig Rivera: Is Oil Spill Our 'Avatar?'

Fox News Channel's Craig Rivera, on Sunday's Geraldo At Large, in a shipboard interview from the Gulf of Mexico, actually asked a conservationist if the oil spill there was a real world equivalent ...

Geraldo Rivera to Ann Coulter: 'Is Cheney Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy?'

Geraldo Rivera, on Fox News' Geraldo At Large on Sunday, essentially accused Dick Cheney of treason for criticizing the Obama administration over the weekend, as he asked panelist Ann Coulter if ...

The "Conservative" Geraldo Rivera?

Reporter Robbie Brown evidently doesn't watch much Geraldo, a passionate defender of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Geraldo Finds Another Empty Vault

Media Outlets That Covered Allegations of Conservative Bribes Skipped Covering the Official Rebuttal
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